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RANCHO Arabco , a story of generations
  A passion for horses and nature , is a tradition of the Barbosa family, perpetuated generation after generation , and the first contact with an Arabian horse, happened in mid- 1976 when it was acquired by the family , a copy of which was the race Horse riding in a sale in Belo Horizonte .
  The intention was to breed some mares Famila who had the farm of his grandfather , Silvio Barbosa , located in the hills of vine , Minas Gerais and produce rustic to withstand long hours of work, because the extent of 2000 acres farm horses . At this time , the genetic characteristics of Arab blood caused father Sylvio Neto and became passionate about race.
  Were acquired in 1982 the first pure Arab blood matrices , another stallion, son of AF Mashalla and more a property is in the South Mine in Carmo da Mata , where he initiated the creation of SB Haras Allah Dinn .
  Haras Allah Dinn , became one of the horse farms of great importance in the creation of Arab horses in Brazil , exerting great influence in the state of Minas Gerais , ( birthplace of traditional breeds of gaited horses ) through the acquisition of large arrays as AL Jiwan NA, LA VIDA , PLAN FABULA among others .
  The SB creation with their carefully selected and using roofing renowned stallions such as Don el Chall , the mares produced females as KISSMEE SB , SB DREAM ELL CHALL , MAXILHANA SB , SB and SB IACI BALLERINA , and most of these beautiful mares , produce BREEZE BAHAMAS , daughter of SB Ballerina which is considered one of the best daughters of Legacy of Fame in Brazil recently and CADET PSY exported , son of DREAN EL CHALL in Padrons PSYCHE , which was 1st unanimous in the category junior male in national 2008.The family decided stop the Arabian breeder and Sylvio continue, and start RANCHO ARABCO.
  The  Rancho Arabco western training  , was founded in 2002 and is situated in the mountainous region of Nova Lima , about 20 KM from the city of Belo Horizonte , continuing the work of creating Arabian horses , more than 25 years Haras Allah Dinn , SB prefix .
  Initially , Rancho Arabco dedicated exclusively to training , presentation and marketing of animal performance , winning major awards in the modality and Western Pleasure Trail Horse in several exhibitions in the national circuit , as well as several National Championships these, always being among the best exhibitors of the country's performance in the ranking ABCCA being that many times also stood up as the best exhibitor of Minas Gerais performance .
  During this period , Rancho Arabco established important partnerships with Zetham Rodrigues Horse trainning and the ZR training Center , main performance training centers in the country , aiming at the improvement of technical training and market performance horses .
  In 2010 , Rancho Arabco began the breeding program , with the acquisition of some mares imported from USA and other's in Brazil  .
 we want to have many beautiful and atletic Horses to show in halter and performance shows . 

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